Si, the skipper

Has well and truly mastered the art of delegation and likes to have everything in the right place.
If this means un-packing to sort to then re-pack and then re-un-pack, then so be it. Has a self-proclaimed talent with accent imitation and secret obsession for out of date flares and toolboxes.
Feels the need to have the company logo printed on everything and everyone around him in order to remember own name and employs philosophy "If it ain't broke, take it apart anyway"
Si would like to add that the bulb that was being replaced used ten times the power than the new ambient lighting system now installed. The fact that we have to use our head torches in order to read.



Can be sighted in the early morning creeping silently towards the coffee. Next stop, the tools toolbox. Once handed a cold beer and a glass, he will set it down and continue to play with the powerdril and his screwdrivers, not to mention the stanley knife.
Has massive commitment issues with the completely the trip in is flying home mid-trip to wife and 3 children. On the plus side, he has his orders to return with suitcases and hand luggage full of smooth peanut butter, marmalade and tonic be continued.
"I've spotted a shed on the pontoon and its full of useful things like paint!"



Still struggling with the concept of buying his own beer and looking forward to his rendezvous with Randy on arrival in Antigua.
Is seriously considering a future in hammock manufacture and is attempting to improve juggling skills... For example, purposely dropping day-old camera into the sea in order to test his reaction times. NB, if wishing to replicate this test, it is highly recommended to do it in Guernsey where Camera shops have proved to be particularly understanding...



Has proved to have large knowledge-base of general useless facts. On running through a list of books, can provide authors, general gist and personal rating. Is rumored to be in a long-term relationship with CD (Charles Dickens for those not down with the lingo) Has pride of place when it comes to sleeping quarters... allowed to bed down on the entire library of charts, closest to the kettle and a multi-hammock shelving system.. tainted only by the rotting tiger carrot stock swinging to and from with the heel of the ship.



Also known as Mrs Smith, has extensive culinary expertise in challenging circumstances and manages to maintain high morale among the crew with her multi-application of the carrots! The crew, due to concern for their lives, would like to leave this description of Mrs Smith as it stands.

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